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SelecTTouch  Version 2  -  brings the future to you with the touch of a finger.
SelecT•Touch to Control your Home, Office or Apartment
Real-time “Real World” Home Automation and Multi-Media Control capability! Control a single room or an entire premises from one or more control points. Optional remote control via Internet or Internet enabled mobile phone is in development.

SelecT•Touch - Environmental Settings
To adjust lights, blinds and to turn heating, air-conditioning and/or other devices on or off.

SelecT•Touch - Entertainment and Information Options
Watch TV, browse the Internet and go online shopping.
Play music (Extensive selection of fully licensed songs - fees apply).

Digital TV version under development for late 2005

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  A SelecT Touch Installation Example
Soft Touch  Wall Switches  -  Slim, Simple, Stylish and State of the Art.
Soft Touch switches from SelecT•Touch offer an elegant simplicity in stylish flush mount switch panels for all building applications. Available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 gang combinations in a single panel, makes the Soft Touch switches exceptionally versatile.

Soft Touch is designed expressly for low voltage systems, featuring easy press-fit IDC connectors, no moving parts that wear, LED status indicators and infrared sensor provision.

Soft Touch can be produced in a range of different designer colour finishes as well as the standard brushed stainless. Fascia inserts come in compatible charcoal and coffee colours, with optional text labels.

Soft Touch switches use ‘next-generation’ switch technology from DURASWITCH®, providing multiple advantages over conventional appliance switch pads. These include: the elimination of solder connections, low mass, sealability, full multiple switch integration and user-friendly interface. A "magnetic spring" provides virtually limitless switch life with no perceivable change in tactile feel. One sample has been tested in the laboratory to over half a billion cycles. With its large 'sweet spot' (for off-centre hits) and even keypad wear, the DURASWITCH® tactile response is consistent for the life of the switch.
  Soft Touch Wall Switch - 6 Gang Example

  Soft Touch Wall Switch - 6 Gang Example