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Interactive Demonstration
In the provided demonstration, screen shots from the SelecT•Touch program have been combined to simulate SelecT•Touch's functionality. It is not possible at this time to replicated the full range of SelecT•Touch features in this way.

The demonstration is only recommended for use with:
   Internet Explorer version 6.0 (or higher)
rocessors running at 1GHz (or greater)
   Broadband Internet connection
      (56K dialup will work, but may appear slow when images are loading)

If your computer does not meet the suggested requirements, individual screenshots from SelecT•Touch can be accessed by clicking on the thumbnail images below.

  Click Here to Launch Interactive Select Touch Demo

Click Here to launch the Interactive SelecT•Touch Web Demonstration
  Environmental Control: 8 Outputs Standard (16/24/32 Control Outputs - Optional) 2
Real-time “Real World” home control capability - Electronic remote Touch Control for Lights, Blinds, Heating, Air-conditioning and/or other electrical devices. Control external Garage and Security Doors and more.
  Click to see Screen Shot - Environment Control
  Entertainment Control: TV and Music
TV tuner with selectable in-screen or full-screen picture.7
Built-in Music Entertainment System for instant access to an extensive Music Library (licensed separately) via the SelecT•Touch Juke Box1, which includes a Music database searchable by Artist, Song, Genre, Year and more.
  Click to see Screen Shot - TV Tuner
  Click to see Screen Shot - Juke Box
  Information Options: Date, Time and Internet Services
Multi-mode Time and Date Display, including analogue style clock face in screen saver mode. Internet Connectivity (where available) provides access to On-Line: Shopping, Banking, Information Services (News, TV Guide, Weather). 6
  Click to see Screen Shot - Internet News
  Click to see Screen Shot - Weather Information
  Customizable Touch Screen Interface
Adjust the SelecT•Touch screen’s appearance and functionality. Implement restricted (Parental or Administrator) access to certain controls. Built in Decorative Screen Saver with 2 free image sets (10 images per set), additional sets available. 4
  Click to see Screen Shot - Standard Interface
  Click to see Screen Shot - Screen Saver Interface
SelecT•Touch is available in the following versions:

    Home Installation, Apartment Installation, Jukebox (stand-alone entertainment module)

Optional SelecT•Touch Components:
Monitor Camera (Single): Monitor home access (e.g.: front door) or even the baby’s room.5 NOT intended for use as a security system.
Control Interfaces: RS232/485, Conson, Additional Digital inputs and outputs, Analogue inputs.


  Click to see Screen Shot - Monitor Camera