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Touch Screen Specifications:
Screen Size (Standard):
15” (38cm diagonal - 30.5cm W x 23.5cm H usable area)
(Larger sizes can be provided subject to availability and additional cost)
Refresh Rate:
Wide Viewing Angle:
160° Horizontal, 140° Vertical
Image Resolution:
1024 x 768 pixels
Physical Response Time:
25 msec max
Programmable Response Time:
80ms to 240ms in 40ms increments
Touch Screen to Control Unit distance:
1.5m nominal
Activation Force:
50-120 grams per square centimeter
Chemical Resistance:
Excellent for alcohol, acetone, grease, and general household detergent

Touch Screen Regulatory Compliance:
Low radiation:
TCO-99, ISO9241-3,7,8
Power saving:
TCO-99, EPA Energy Star
GOST, C-TICK, ISO 13406-2

Network Connectivity (for multiple control stations where a server is required):
100 Mbps
CAT5E (where cable runs are less than 70m)

Internet Connectivity:
Dependant on Installation Type (56K dialup, ISDN, Cable, etc.)
Suitable ISP services can be provided in most areas (POA) 6

Controlled Devices: 
Wired Outputs :
8 Programmed SPDT Outputs Standard
16 Programmed SPDT Outputs3
Can be interfaced to most Home Automation control sytems and electronic devices

Audio Input:
2 x Stereo, Line level 250 to 500 mV p-p nominal
Digital Audio Output:
44KHz, Stereo, 128 Kbps (or greater), SPDF available
Output Level:
Line Output for Audio Distribution: 500mV RMS
SN 60dB or better (source dependant)
Optional Extras:
10W/channel stereo power amplifier and matching 2-way ceiling/wall mount speakers

TV tuner (& Monitor Camera - optional extra):
TV Requirements :
75ohm source (mono audio)
S-Video or Composite source (with stereo audio via Line In)
TV Type:
Analogue UHF/VHF (Digital and HDTV currently being developed)
TV Channels:
Subject to reception, Area, Cable TV availibility - Auto-Scanning
Note: Composite source is generally NOT available for TV if composite input is used for Monitor Camera

Camera (Optional Extra):

Composite source - Line level Video input 500mV to 1V p-p, with optional stereo audio (single source)
Two cameras (without audio) may be implemented by utilizing 1 output SPDT switch

SelecT•Touch - Suitable Installations & System Requirements:
SelecT•Touch is most suited for new homes, apartments, offices and renovations where the required hardware and cabling can be incorporated into the premises prior to the painting and decorating stage. Ideally, a SelecT•Touch installation would be included at the planning stage.

Existing premises may be retro-fitted to accommodate the SelecT•Touch system dependant on whether sufficient access is available for installation of the required hardware and cabling. A site plan and/or inspection will be required to determine suitability.

A SelecT•Touch installation will require adequate ventilation for both Touch Screen and Control Unit. An installation should not be located in close proximity to cooking devices, wall heaters, ducted heating or similar. For optimal visibility and durability, Touch Screens should not be installed in areas receiving direct sunlight.

SelecT•Touch Customization:
The basic SelecT•Touch package can be adapted (both software and hardware) to provide a considerable range of additional functionality. Almost anything is possible, so if you have ideas regarding specialized tasks, we will welcome your enquiries.
Email us at:

SelecT•Touch Future:
SelecT•Touch is constantly being developed and improved to provide the best possible integration with emerging technologies.




1. Music Library is distributed under license on a per installation basis, royalties paid to ARIA, AMCOS, etc. as appropriate.
2. Recommended Speaker Installation: Ceiling Mount above Touch Screen.
3. Outputs expandable to over 150 with additional hardware and software revision (see customization).
4. Additional themed image sets available, 10 images per set.
5. Single optional camera connection provided as standard. Multiple camera installations POA.
6. Email provision optional, conditions apply.
7. TV antennae and cabling can be provided but are NOT included as part of the standard package.

All Specifications Subject to Modification Without Notice.